About Us


My name is Muhammad, as a fanatic of healthy lifestyle, I have been always searching for most cleanest and healthy supplements in the market that is also Halal certified.

Since, I couldn't find any in the market I took the journey to provide most cleanest and Halal supplement to anyone who is also looking for cleanest, purest and halal certified supplements.

Rest assured all of our product are Halal Certified and purest of all.

If you got more questions please email us at hello@halalprotein.com

Thank you for taking your precious time to visit our store and wish you a healthy lifestyle ahead.

Our quality

Halalproteins is dedicated to providing the best-quality halal certified products. Our world-class, in-house production facilities allow us to develop, formulate and test to make sure every single product meets the highest quality standards.


We take all levels of quality seriously by working closely with Muslim community as well as testing lab on nutrition range. This ensures these products are top quality and athletics can fuel their ambition with only quality and approved products.